Friday, February 15, 2008

Jason, Taylor and I went on a "business trip" to Las Vegas the end of January. Jason has been dreaming of attending the WORLD OF CONCRETE show for years and years. Well this year dreams came true. He took brought along two of his star employees and they attended seminars and the show and got educated on the latest trends of stamped concrete.

While Jason attended his seminars, Taylor and I got to play with my family. Emily and Kallen live in Vegas, Mom and Dad flew in to visit for the week and Chris, Amy and their boys drove up for the week. We had a blast together!

Is Taylor making a debut in Vegas???

GG (Grandma Gerene) getting some lovin. Mmmm...those baby's smell so yummy after a bath! You could just eat them up!!!!

Papa Paul getting some lovin from Brandon

Crazy Chris, Amy, Ethan and Brandon

Beautiful Emily and Kallen the business man with the red power tie. Not only are the good lookin..they were the best tour guides!

Ethan and Taylor

Melissa and creepy metalic guy. I had to get a pic because Jason didn't believe that he was "real."


Big Momma said...

That guy really was creepy. He sure got upset when you pinched his bum!

Emily said...

Come back! It was SOOO nice to have everyone here. I just wish we all lived closer!!

Melissa said...

WHAAATTT!!! I NEVER pinched his bum!!! It would've got silver whatever on my fingers :) GROSS!