Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bossy Zack

I feel like this blog should actually be titled "Never a Dull Moment with Zack Decker" since most of the posts are about Zack. He IS undeniably the entertainment of our family. Here is the latest "Zacky story"...

This weekend we got a small snow storm. Jason was out plowing and called and told me to bring out Brian and Zack to help. Zack loves to ride with Jason on the skid steer. When I dropped the boys off, Jason and I were talking Zack came up to Jason and said, "DADDY! Get back to work! You are on the job site now! No talking! Chop-chop! LETS GO!!!"

Bossy story #2:
I was very busy in the office this week. Zack and Taylor were entertaining themselves and thought it would be great fun to dump out ALL their bins of nice, neat, organized toys. SIGH!!! So needless to say the play room was a horrible mess! One of those messes that you just stand there looking, not knowing where to start but feel like sitting in the middle of it with your head in your hands and crying mess. So, after the boys came home from plowing, Zack came into the playroom and yelled at me, "MOM! You need to get in here and clean up this sh*t house!" I think I might have called him an "asphalt" under my breath :) LOL

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Brian and Zack were arguing the other day. You would think that with a TEN year age gap there wouldn't be fights...OH NO!!!! They fight like a couple of two year olds. Anyway, Zack was very frustrated, he stamped his foot, crossed his arms and had the dirtiest scoul on his face and then yelled, "BRIAN! WHY ARE YOU SUCH AN ASPHALT TO ME???"

Friday, February 15, 2008

Jason, Taylor and I went on a "business trip" to Las Vegas the end of January. Jason has been dreaming of attending the WORLD OF CONCRETE show for years and years. Well this year dreams came true. He took brought along two of his star employees and they attended seminars and the show and got educated on the latest trends of stamped concrete.

While Jason attended his seminars, Taylor and I got to play with my family. Emily and Kallen live in Vegas, Mom and Dad flew in to visit for the week and Chris, Amy and their boys drove up for the week. We had a blast together!

Is Taylor making a debut in Vegas???

GG (Grandma Gerene) getting some lovin. Mmmm...those baby's smell so yummy after a bath! You could just eat them up!!!!

Papa Paul getting some lovin from Brandon

Crazy Chris, Amy, Ethan and Brandon

Beautiful Emily and Kallen the business man with the red power tie. Not only are the good lookin..they were the best tour guides!

Ethan and Taylor

Melissa and creepy metalic guy. I had to get a pic because Jason didn't believe that he was "real."

The Little Gym

Zack just finished his first session at "The Little Gym". He took a Sport Skills class for the past 20 weeks every Thursday. He loved it! His class consisted of 14 very rowdy four year old boys!!!! WHEW!


Brian played basketball for the Upper Perk High School 9th grade team. He had so much fun. Although his team had a disappointing losing season all the guys enjoyed their playing time. Everytime I'd bring my camera to the game to snap some shots, it wouldn't work. It's such a temperamental won't work if it hasn't been charged or if the memory card isn't in it....SIGH! So anyway, here's a shot of Bri in uniform AFTER on of the games. He's getting SO big. He is as tall as I am now and outgrows his shoes every 6 months and as you know, you can't wear anything other than the coolest "kicks" in High School. He's getting to be quite expensive :) He has a fun sense of humor and is a big help to our family.