Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Don't EVER pray for patience!

I've been really short on patience lately. So this past Sunday I decided I would fast and pray for some patience with my children. In the middle of our church services, it was a quiet moment and Zack yells, yes..YELLS out, "WE ARE...PENN STATE!"

WHY? Why does he do these things?
Do you think God was laughing at me as I struggled to keep my patience?


Big Momma said...

What would we do without Zacky to make us smile and laugh out loud? The year I kept praying for patience with my class was the year they tried my patience the most. So this year I pray that I can remember that they are children of God and treat them as such. I pray that they will be respectful and I can return that respect. Today, the Lord blessed me. My Anthony was an angel. He is usually surley and rude. Today he was helpful, respectful, focused, did his work, and didn't mess around. I called his mother after school and told her I just wanted her to know what a fabulous day I had with Anthony. She was so shocked and surprised! So, I guess what I'm suggesting is that you have to be careful what you pray for. Perhaps Heavenly Father is giving you opportunities to exercise your patience, when you should be praying for something less damaging to your ego and sanity. Hang in there! Love you!!!

bEN said...

perhaps praying that you won't kill people will help. Don't bless me with patience, just help me not kill anybody.