Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Brian...dear Brian

So with Brian encroaching on his sixteenth birthday this summer, I figured I better start stepping up my game and teaching him more "life skills" that has been my focus with him lately. Here are some of the "oh sh*t, he's never gonna make it on his own" incidents:
#1 Pumping gas: We pull up to the gas pump, I had Brian my debit card and show him how to swipe it and instruct him to go ahead and fill the gas guzzling tank up. He swipes the card, "Hey Mom, it's asking what's our zip code?" "Really Brian??? It's 18092..right Zack??? (age 5...knows his address)" "Hey Mom, its asking if you want a (now bear with me and read this out loud..) rahsep-t." "Brian, I don't want a receipt, but I do want to punch you in the head! " : )
#2 Dr. appointment: Brian broke his leg and had a dr. appointment scheduled for 3 something...couldn't remember if it was 3:30 or 3:15 or, since it was Brian's appointment, I told him, "Look up the number, call the office and tell them; Hi this is Brian Moore, I have an appointment scheduled for this afternoon. I'd like to confirm the time please." Ok...easy peasy...I'm in the other room eavesdropping as he makes his call and this is what I hear.."Uh hi, is Dr. Sedicum there? (pause) Ok, can I please talk to him? (pause) " psst, mom...he's with a patient and can't come to the phone..." OHMY!!! I've got my work cut out.


Emily said...

He's such a sweet boy! How funny.

bEN said...

I hadn't read your blog for a few months. This is funny stuff. Brian is such a big boy now (he could probably handle a punch to the head).