Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Whew!!! To close for comfort

If you read down in a previous posting, we had a propane gas leak in our house. The "gas man" came and fixed it and joked with me that it's a good thing we aren't smokers. OK, so that's that same utility room is our hot water tank and it's been acting up and we knew we needed to get it looked at. Well, Jason came home in the middle of the day for no apparent reason, other than a gut feeling, to check on the water heater. When he opened the door, he discovered that it had been on fire. Flames all up the side. Luckily we had #1 had moved everything (storage wise) out of the room so #2 the gas man could fix our gas leak. How blessed are we that just a matter of a few days earlier...the gas leak was fixed. I shudder every time I think of how close we were to losing our home (and possibly us???) I am so thankful that Jason is a man of god (whether he admits it or not) and listened to his "gut" and we were protected!


Big Momma said...

Brian is the BEST!!!!